Making a Donation

There are several easy ways to make a donation to the Medical System:

Visit our UMMS Foundation Web site.

By Phone:
Call 410-328-GIFT (4438)

By Mail:
Write to:
UMMS Foundation
110 South Paca St., 9th Floor,
Baltimore, MD 21201-1534

You can also contact the UMMS Foundation via e-mail at

The Medical System subscribes to a nationally accepted fundraising code of ethics and the Contributor Bill or Rights. Your donation will be acknowledged by a thank you letter and a receipt for your taxes, as allowable by law.

The University of Maryland Medical System is one of the largest private, nonprofit health care providers in the mid-Atlantic region. It includes the following:

The Medical System is committed to healing, teaching and discovery, and as a result offers many cutting-edge procedures and treatments offered at only a handful of hospitals nationwide.

Our health care professionals are dedicated to finding answers to difficult medical conditions and putting these discoveries to work for our patients.

This page was last updated: November 18, 2014

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