Cancer Prevention and Screening

Each year, the University of Maryland Cancer Network hospitals provide free screenings and cancer education in the community. From Harford County to Anne Arundel County, you will find support groups, free screenings, seminars and educational material to keep you healthy. A list of cancer community outreach programs offered through the Cancer Network is below.

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Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center at University of Maryland Medical Center

Since early detection is a key factor to treating many forms of cancer, the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center offers several cancer screening programs to the community.

Lung Cancer Screening

Just like screening tests for other types of cancer - colonoscopies for colon cancer screening and mammograms for breast cancer screening - patients with a high risk of lung cancer can now be screened for lung cancer with a chest CT scan. A recent study by the National Cancer Institute called the National Lung Screening Trial finds that a CT scan to detect lung cancer when there are no symptoms can reduce lung cancer death rates by 20%. If caught in its earliest stages, lung cancer has very good survival rates. To review the screening qualifications or for appointment information, click here.

Breast, Cervical and Colorectal Cancer Screening

The University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center offers free breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screenings to Baltimore City residents though a community-based initiative known as the Baltimore City Cancer Program. Click here for UniversityCare locations and hours of operation.

Tate Cancer Center at UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center

Reduced-Dose Lung Cancer Screening CT Program

The reduced-dose lung cancer screening program offered by the Tate Cancer Center at UM BWMC evaluates those considered at high-risk for developing lung cancer from smoking. The screening is performed by a radiology technologist and is done using non-invasive, reduced-dose CT technology. A study by the National Cancer Institute and the National Lung Screening Trial found that reduced-dose screening CT scans reduce the number of deaths from lung cancer by 20%. Click here for more information.

Smoking Cessation

UM BWMC offers free smoking cessation classes to educate residents of Anne Arundel County about the health risks associated with regular tobacco use and to assist those who are determined to quit smoking. Participants learn about the barriers to smoking cessation, the health benefits of choosing a smoke-free lifestyle, nicotine-replacement options, motivational exercises and techniques for stress management. Click here for more information.

Breast Health and Prevention Program

The Aiello Breast Center at UM BWMC offers a comprehensive breast health and prevention program to partner with patients in identifying risk factors for breast disease and breast cancer. The Aiello Breast center team provides personalized risk assessments followed by customized plans that can include monitoring, lifestyle changes, genetic counseling, risk-lowering medications and more, all aimed at preventing breast disease and breast cancer. Click here for more information.

Cancer Support Group

"Survivorship: Living With and Beyond Cancer" is a free monthly education and support group is for patients diagnosed with any type of cancer. Facilitated by a nurse navigator at UM BWMC, this self-care skills class and group discussion offers information and support for cancer patients and their families. In addition to networking and peer support, presentations on timely topics will guide monthly discussions. Click here for more information.

BWELL Series

Physicians at the Tate Cancer Center provide free lectures and discussions for the community. They are held several times a year on a variety of cancer topics and are held at UM BWMC.

The Cancer Institute at UM St. Joseph Medical Center

The University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center Cancer Institute Outreach Program reaches people in their communities. The program involves a collaborative effort with the University of Maryland Medical Center and established partnerships with UM SJMC Community Health Program, Maryland State Cancer Collaborative, and faith based and community-based partners in the Baltimore Metro Area. A variety of resources, programs, and classes are available to help patients learn more about cancer prevention, screening, treatment, disease-specific information and survivorship issues.

At UM St. Joseph’s Cancer Institute, free cancer screenings are provided for the community throughout the year. Early detection is important, and there are steps you can take to detect cancer early when it is most treatable. UM St. Joseph offers screenings for many different types of cancers, such as:

  • breast cancer
  • cervical cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • skin cancer

Our Annual Women's Health Conference, which is held in May, provides women in our community with an opportunity to hear from experts about health issues that are specific to them. This free half-day seminar includes a continental breakfast and lunch in addition to a wealth of health information presented by experts at UM St. Joseph Medical Center.

For information on upcoming screenings, please call 410-337-1479 or visit

Kaufman Cancer Center at UM Upper Chesapeake Health

The Kaufman Cancer Center provides free educational seminars and information on cancer awareness, prevention and smoking cessation. Cancer screenings are offered onsite at the Cancer Center and in various community locations through our HealthLink Community Outreach program.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

The reduced-dose lung cancer screening program at the Kaufman Cancer Center evaluates those considered at high risk for developing lung cancer from smoking. Screenings are reviewed by a multidisciplinary team that includes a thoracic surgeon, oncologist, pulmonologist and radiologist. Results are provided directly to the referring physician to be discussed with the patient.

Breast Center

The Breast Center at UM Upper Chesapeake Medical Center provides quality care and compassion for women seeking diagnostic, treatment and support services for breast health concerns. Our care team includes a Fellowship-trained breast surgeon, reconstructive and general surgery experts, and specialists in oncology, radiology, pathology and radiation therapy all in one comprehensive and convenient location. Call 443-843-PINK or visit to learn more.

Cancer LifeNet

The Cancer LifeNet program offers navigator and supportive care services at no charge for those with a cancer diagnosis in Harford and Cecil counties, regardless of where they receive treatment. Supported by philanthropy, the program helps individuals find the services they need to balance work, family and cancer treatment.

Learn more by calling 1-866-393-4355 or visiting our website at